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Public Notice of Application for change of Lincoln County Subdivision Regulations

Where: Courthouse Basement Conf Room

Please take notice that a public hearing will be held by Lincoln Co , Tennessee Planning Commission on Thursday, Nov. 5,2020 @ 6:00 pm for the purpose of considering an amendment to the Subdivision Regulations of Lincoln County, Tennessee adopted on February 21,2012 to wit:
Article IV, Section 4-102.401General Setbacks - Corner lots. Whereas current regulation calls for corner lots to have2-ea front yards and2-ea rear yards. Proposed amendment would replace rear yards with side yards, thus reducing the required setback.
A complete copy of the proposed amendments is available for viewing in the Planning and Zoning Department, 106 College St., V/. Additional information may be obtained by calling 931- 438-5186 or by email request at Parties wishing to provide comment shall submit, in writing, any concerns to the Planning &, Zoning ofhce prior to the meeting date.

Amendment to Sub-Division Regulations


Rezoning Request